Our Impact / Economy

Job Creation and Investment

In the past decade, Amazon has created more jobs than any other U.S. company. We are pleased to play a role in driving prosperity across the world. We continue to be excited by the potential to invest, invent, and create jobs that help individuals, families, and neighbors thrive.
A man in a construction helmet and orange safety jacket is photographed at a construction site on Amazon's campus in Seattle, WA. He is using a circular saw to cut through metal.

Creating high-quality jobs is fundamental to delighting our customers.

From employees in our HQs to our fulfilment centres, we’re always looking for passionate, customer-obsessed people to help us innovate. Over the past decade, no other U.S.-based company has created more jobs than Amazon, and we continue to hire globally. Additionally, Amazon will spend over $700 million to provide free skills training to employees, helping them further their careers in tech and in-demand roles such as cloud computing.

Free skills training

Our $700 million commitment to create and offer training opportunities for Amazon employees is called Upskilling 2025. Learn about the programs we offer for employees and non-employees seeking to build their technical skills and advance their careers.