As a mother of two young boys, Salmah enrolled in New Life Stories Incare program to help support her family, Rifdi aged 10 years and Rafiq aged 9 years, during the difficult time of her incarceration. She knows all too well the implications of being away from her children when they needed her most during their early growing years. Her experience is one of many families.

Salmah and her family have been a part of the New Life Stories Incare program since 2016. New Life Stories has been working with families who are impacted by incarcerations, to bridge the developmental gaps created by the absence of a caregiver or parent. The charity facilitates interactions between the incarcerated and their families, as well as providing support for families through counselling and educational assistance to end the cycle of inter-generational incarceration.

Salmah seated in the middle her two children, all are laughing and sharing a happy moment
Salmah and her two sons, Rifdi and Rafiq.

During the Global Month of Volunteering from August 15 to September 16, Amazon partnered with New Life Stories for its Back to School campaign and gave volunteers from Singapore Operations an opportunity to support the children and families of New Life Stories.

With Amazon’s support and team of volunteers, New Life Stories was able to prepare back to school kits for 170 kids to help them through the school year. Amazon’s support also enables organizations like New Life Stories to prevent inter-generational incarceration, reduce re-offending, improve the quality of life, build community inclusion for the families, and help them create… new life stories.

Amazon’s association with New Life Stories will continue in the months to come as we extend such volunteering opportunities to our teams and help support the great work New Life Stories is doing for the children in our community.

Post her incarceration, Salmah freelanced across various jobs to support her family and earn her nursing degree. She currently holds a full-time job and is spending all her free time with her kids.