The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the way we work and live, and its ripple effects continue to disrupt our daily lives, especially that of vulnerable communities. At Amazon, we are committed to giving back, and in Singapore, we have worked with over 20 non-profit organizations, including Singapore Red Cross, Migrant Workers Centre, and Children’s Wishing Well, to support those in need through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the ways we are collaborating with non-profit organisations in their COVID-19 relief efforts.

Singapore Red Cross

Singapore Red Cross is dedicated to protecting human lives through emergency social services, donating blood to hospital patients, and responding to emergencies and disasters. COVID-19 has severely disrupted their ability to conduct fundraising activities which has long lasting effects on the communities that they serve, especially low-income Singaporeans, transnational families, seniors living alone, and persons with disabilities or mental health conditions. At a time when help is needed more than ever, Amazon teamed up with Singapore Red Cross to amplify Singapore Red Cross’ fundraising campaign on, inviting the public to contribute to donation efforts. Amazon contributed funding towards the purchase of care package items for 1,000 elderly individuals who have been affected by the health and social impacts of the virus in the country. To protect on-ground Singapore Red Crossers, Amazon has also donated essential products such face masks and hand sanitisers. The donated masks were added to Singapore Red Cross’ overall supplies and distributed to over 15,000 migrants workers community, 1000 elderly, Singapore Red Cross caregivers and operations staff.

Vinnce Wu, Assistant Head, Partnerships & Development, Singapore Red Cross “Amazon's support has been nothing short of practical - masks and sanitisers to protect Red Crossers who are delivering essential workers, funds to sustain our local operations, and a link to our donation portal on to encourage people to be generous, and to catalyse donations to SRC.” Customers who wish to support Singapore Red Cross can donate here.

Migrant Workers Centre

The Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) assists migrant workers in furthering their education and awareness of employment rights, promoting their social integration, as well as their harmonious co-existence with Singaporeans at the workplace and beyond. Many of the migrant workers were impacted during the COVID-19 outbreak and lacked access to essential items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, bath soap bars, and laundry soap bars. MWC started a fundraising campaign in hopes of being able to raise enough funds for them. Amazon reached out to MWC and contributed to the purchase of more than 200,000 empty bottles for hand sanitizer bottling and secured 2,500 sets of PPEs for management staff's and migrant workers’ use in Factory Converted Dormitories. Bernard Menon, Executive Director, Migrant Workers’ Centre “We would like to thank Amazon for donating to our charity and helping the MWC to provide timely assistance to migrant workers who have limited access to essential items during the circuit breaker and interim financial relief to those who are faced with employment grievances. It is really heart-warming to see businesses like Amazon coming forward who show care and concern to our migrant workers’ community and standing by them during this battle against the COVID-19 virus.” Customers who wish to support the MWC can donate here.

Children’s Wishing Well

Children’s Wishing Well plays a vital role in providing financial aid for living essentials, groceries, IT support, and hot meals to over 250 families. During the circuit breaker period, the halting of many services and establishments meant that many low-income families faced unemployment or reduced income. In addition, children who lacked computer devices or broadband access could not attend home-based learning classes, and the suspension of social service agencies compounded this problem.

To help Children’s Wishing Well see through their COVID-19 relief efforts and support their beneficiaries, Amazon donated essential hygiene supplies such as masks and hand sanitisers which were distributed to 40 beneficiaries. Aside from that, Amazon’s fund donation has also gone towards supporting Children’s Wishing Well in purchasing groceries for 80 children in the month of June, as well as towards the purchase of learning devices such as laptops so that students can continue home-based learning with minimal disruptions.

Joanna, CEO, Children’s Wishing Well “The timely donation by Amazon has helped the families to tide through this difficult period, and the children to continue thriving and learning.” Customers who wish to support Children’s Wishing Well can donate here.

It doesn’t stop here

As Singapore adjusts to new ways of living and working, we are mindful that there may still be others who are struggling. Amazon remains committed to supporting the local community through our contributions and collaboration with non-profit organizations. We want to thank all the volunteers and leaders at non-profit organizations for their dedication in supporting and taking care of people in vulnerable communities.