Most New Year's resolutions related to fitness stall by January 19, a day many endearingly call "Quitter's Day." Though many resolutions fall by the wayside, that doesn't mean all hope for growth in 2021 is lost. In fact, saying good riddance to improbable resolutions and introducing positive affirmations could be the best thing you do this year.

"People set themselves up with unrealistic expectations and goals—when they aren't able to achieve those goals, they feel like they've failed," said Jillian Lampert, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer at The Emily Program, a comprehensive eating disorder treatment program. "Affirmations could be a way to counter that disappointment and find more meaningful and sustainable ways to be in a relationship with yourself."

To help readers pivot this year, we interviewed body positivity experts like Lampert as well as leaders of Amazon's Body Positive Peers group to gather their favorite affirmations. As the company's newest affinity group, the Body-Positive Peers group is an employee resource group that helps Amazon combat weight discrimination and embrace and support bodies of all sizes and abilities.

"Research out of Yale University shows that prevalence of size discrimination increased by 66% in the 2000s until comparable to rates of racial discrimination," said Shilpa Vadodaria, Amazon Senior Manager, U.S. Sales Strategy and Operations, and executive on the Body Positive Peers board. "These adverse effects intensify around the New Year as societal pressure to make weight-loss resolutions becomes ubiquitous."

If you're ready to pivot from the goals you set at the beginning of the year, here are six affirmations to help you focus on what really matters this year—you.