The team at Amazon Operations comprises of a diverse group of people from different walks of life. They play a critical role in ensuring customers always get the best of Amazon. But who are these associates working behind the scenes to get customer orders fulfilled?

Kathie Koh, Team Lead

Amazon associate Kathie Koh is seen working at Amazon's Fulfillment Center in Singapore
Kathie Koh, Team Lead - Amazon Operations, Singapore

While Kathie graduated with a diploma in Arts Management, she manged to find a home at Amazon. Having graduated at the height of the pandemic, Kathie initially took up a part-time associate role to help make ends meet but found herself growing into the role, enjoying what she did and was developing professionally as well. She was also pleasantly surprised to find that she could apply learnings from her studies to her job at Amazon. Now a full-time Team Lead, her journey with Amazon has been a constant learning process, with many opportunities to undergo training and acquire new skills. Fast forward to today, she has been part of the Amazon family for almost 1.5 years. Her guiding leadership principle is to always be curious, and she never ceases to find new opportunities to learn and improve within Amazon.

If you are looking for opportunities to take up new skills and gain new experiences, then the Amazon Fulfillment Centre is the place for you!
Kathie Koh
Team Lead – Amazon Operations

Farid Bin Rojion, Team Lead

Amazon associate Farid Bin Rojion talks about his journey with Amazon against the backdrop of Amazon's fulfillment center in Singapore
Farid Bin Rojion, Team Lead - Amazon Fresh Operations, Singapore

A Day One Amazon Singapore team member, Farid joined the team in 2017 and formed the pioneer batch of associates in Singapore. Interestingly, Farid was working as an engineer before making the switch to logistics, and eventually finding his passion with Amazon. When an opportunity for a part-time role with Amazon came up, Farid was in-between jobs, and took on the role as a means to earn an income. By 2018, he converted to a full-time role and with the help of Amazon’s step-up program, he has been given the exposure and opportunity to take on more responsibilities and manage his own team. He finds his purpose through his work with a diverse group of associates who not only foster collaboration but are driven to work towards the same goal of customer obsession.

At Amazon, we are always coming up with more ways to deliver the best to our customers. Customer obsession is at the core of everything we do here.
Farid Bin Rojion
Team Lead – Amazon Fresh Operations

Izuan Khairudin, Team Lead

Amazon associate Muhammad Izuan Khairudin is seen working on his laptop at Amazon's Fulfillment Center in Singapore
Muhammad Izuan Khairudin, Team Lead – Amazon Operations, Singapore

Starting out as an associate at Amazon Fresh in 2017, Izuan has displayed immense potential and it didn’t go unnoticed by his managers. Through career guidance, training and mentorship, Izuan has seen his career grow exponentially, and is now the Team Lead at Amazon’s first delivery station in Singapore. When he was tasked with a new responsibility and role, Izuan was doubting his capabilities as a Team Lead. However, with the constant support from his managers and teammates, Izuan was able to rise to the occasion. He believes in leading his team by example, and lives by the Amazon Leadership Principle – think big – always looking at the big picture and putting his plans into action, learning from them rapidly and being mindful of the broader impact of his actions – all to deliver the best to customers.

Amazon is a fast-paced company, with many opportunities to grow and learn. For new joiners, the most important thing is to have fun, be safe and make history with your team.
Muhammad Izuan Khairudin
Team Lead – Amazon Operations

Bryan Chua, Team Lead

Amazon associate Bryan Chua is seen giving a thumbs up to his colleague at Amazon's Fulfillment Center in Singapore
Bryan Chua, Team Lead – Amazon Operations, Singapore

Bryan sees himself as an example of how Amazon empowers and invests in its employees. While he is currently a full-time Team Lead, he is also pursuing a part-time degree in Business IT Management, specifically in enterprise resource planning. With the strong support of his team and Amazon’s flexible working arrangements, Bryan has been able to continue to maintain a work-life balance while excelling in both his work and studies. Even while pursuing his degree, Bryan continues to go above and beyond, finding new ways to be proactive in stepping up to take on more responsibilities and contributing to the team. With a passion for resource planning, Bryan wants to further grow in his journey with Amazon, applying his learnings and continue contributing to his team and customers.

The culture in my team is that we are a very friendly and fun bunch, just like a family.
Bryan Chua
Team Lead - Amazon Operations

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